Question & Answers

How do I order?

  We will place you on our order email list which we send out every Monday.  Once you receive your weekly email, you just reply to that email with your order.  Please include your name, phone number and pick-up location, along with any additional add-on purchases.

Is there a minimum order?

  Yes.  Our weekly basket currently costs $20.  It is the minimum that you are required to order.  We usually have additional vegetables, fruits, or herbs that you can purchase and add on to your basket throughout the year.   We also have traditional sourdough breads, homemade organic granola, grass-fed ground beef, and farm fresh eggs that you can also add to your order each week.

How much comes in a basket?

  You always get between five and eight vegetables (and/or fruit and herbs in season), and a value of $20.  It is comparable to what you would get at the store for organic specialty produce.  However, when the harvest is plentiful, you will likely get more than a $20 value. 

Do I have to order every week or pre-pay for a subscription?

  No.  We give a lot of flexibility, but in order to be put on our order email list you must order at least every three weeks.  You only pay each week you pick up a bag. 

What time of year do we offer our CSA’s?

  We offer our CSA’s year round when the weather cooperates.  However, we take breaks several times a year for busy harvest and planting times, as well as short rests for these hardworking farmers. :-)

Do we make substitutions for people with food sensitivities or allergies?

  Yes.  Let u know each week what you are not able to eat in a bag and we will try our best to substitute with another product that we have that week.   

What if I am not ready to order, but would like to still find out what is available in the baskets?

  We have a general email that we send out each week that will let you know what we’re harvesting and what’s going on in the garden.  You will not be able to order from this list, but can contact Elizabeth when you are ready.  Sometimes there is a waiting list.

Where are the pick-up locations?

  We have two pick-up locations for Abilene on Friday afternoon.  Cordell’s located on Buffalo Gap Rd near Antilley Ln. has pick-ups between 4 and 6pm.  Tea2Go on Catclaw Dr is between 4 - 8pm.  Our Sweetwater location is at Argos Brewhouse, located downtown on Thursdays from 4 - 7pm.

How do I pay?

  We accept cash, check and Paypal at our Cordell’s and Argos location.  Our Tea2Go location is PayPal only.  You will find a link to our PayPal button on our CSA page.

Do we recycle?

  Yes.  We appreciate you recycling your clean Nine Springs Garden bag and egg cartons with us.