Want to learn about organic and sustainable gardening?  Want to see where your food is grown?  Come join us on our harvest days, Tuesday & Friday mornings.  During the warmer months we begin our day at sunrise and finish work by noon.  We reward all our volunteers with a delicious meal from the farm and let them take home a little extra produce. 

All volunteers must be 12 years old or older.  Dress appropriate to the weather...In the warmer months, please wear clothing to cover your skin or wear sunscreen, including a hat.  Cooler weather bring a light or heavy jacket depending on the temperatures.  Generally, it is normally 10 degrees cooler at the ranch than in town.  Also, wear tennis shoes or boots, and bring a water bottle and a snack.  

If you would like to come and volunteer at the garden, just contact Keith or Elizabeth and we can schedule a time for you to come work, learn and enjoy the gardens.

Organizations we partner with...

   New Beginnings is a local ministry that we have enjoyed partnering with here in Abilene.  We started by just donating some of our produce to them each week, but quickly learned that it was important to also teach them how to cook the vegetables we donate.   So, this year we teach a cooking class to them once a month and enjoy imparting what we have learned about eating healthy, simply and in-season.  It has also be a great time of fun and fellowship.  Some of the women also volunteer their time to help us in the garden, learning how to grow food organically.      

 Making pasta from scratch using fresh ground whole wheat and homemade sauce.

Making pasta from scratch using fresh ground whole wheat and homemade sauce.

Iris Abilene Camp Barkeley is a global nonprofit training center located on 1,000 acres of the historic WWII Camp Barkeley US Army training base.  The mission of Iris Abilene Camp Barkeley is to equip leaders by providing times of respite and healing, offering training events and certifications in biblical education, disaster relief, cross-cultural studies, sustainable living and much more.  Through our partnership we provide them with fresh organic produce for their schools, retreats, and events.  As well as, providing a place of training for their missionaries to come and learn how to grow food for their families and the communities they will serve.          

 irisabilene.org or campbarkeley.com